We work with the project team to develop optimized solutions to the challenges that arise during the design and construction of building projects. We believe that, as design professionals, we are obligated to uphold the highest standards of structural engineering and that each project requires our full attention and care. Also, we understand that each project is unique and requires receptivity, communication and flexibility in order to allow the best design to reveal itself. Finaly, we believe that the best designs are those that meet all of the project requirements at the same time as being the most economical and expedient.


Beginning as a carpenter and furniture maker’s apprentice, Chad developed an interest in quality construction and design which led to a position as a drafter at an architecture & engineering firm. After becoming interested in the structural aspects of building design, Chad earned a Civil Engineering degree with a specialization in structures from CUNY’s City College in NYC. Upon graduation, he worked at Hage Engineering, where he gained experience in all aspects of the structural engineering of buildings. Later, at McLaren Engineering, he gained new engineering insight by working with a larger group of experts. In the fall of 2013, Chad opened the office of Serman Engineering.